does environmental metal pollution affect bird morphometry? a case study on the tree sparrow passer montanus-凯发k8官方网娱乐官方

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作者:ding, jian ;yang, wenzhi;wang, shengnan;zhang, huijie;zhang, yingmei*


摘要:morphological characteristics are the leading indicators of the health status of birds. to explore the effects of heavy metals on bird morphometry in natural populations, tree sparrows (passer montanus) were studied in a polluted site [baiyin (by)] and a relatively unpolluted site [liujiaxia (ljx)]. this study aimed to examine whether morphological variables, the fluctuating asymmetry (fa) of the wing, tarsus, and toe length, were associated with heavy metals (cu, zn, pb, and cd) and ca levels in different tissues and feces of adults and nestlings. results showed that adults collected from by contained relatively higher heavy metal concentrations and lower ca concentrations in different tissues than those from ljx. smaller body sizes and higher fa levels of adults and nestlings were found in by than in ljx. although higher heavy metal concentrations in some tissues were associated with smaller morphological characteristics of adults, the effects were not obvious in nestlings. the most correlated heavy metal with as many characteristics was heavy metal in primary feather in both sites, and the most affected characteristic was body mass in by. the fa values of adults and nestlings in by were positively affected by heavy metal concentrations in different tissues and feces. the growth rate of wing and tarsus length of nestlings in by were negatively affected by the fa values of wing and tarsus length, respectively. taken together, environmental metal pollution might affect the morphological characteristics of tree sparrows. these findings suggest that the morphological characteristics of tree sparrows, especially fa, can be used as indicators of metal pollution, underscoring the importance of measuring morphological characteristics in avian ecotoxicology field studies.



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  2. does environmental metal pollution affect bird morphometry? a case study on the tree sparrow passer montanus
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