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prof. xiangkai li
36 hours of lecture

time: fall semester

credits: 2

course outcomes:

the course mainly introduces the requirements of sci journals and writing basic skills. students will understand the basic sci journals in the field, the content and format requirements. they can complete a single simple sci paper writing after course. the student must finish some science foundation courses and learn some concept of scientific experiments.

course contents:

chapter 1: introduction to sci  (2 hours)

basic concepts and terminology of sci. how to search sci database for query journal information. impact factors.

chapter ii: basic format of sci papers (8 hours)

requirements of each part of sci papers, such as title, abstract, introduction, methods, result, discussion.

chapter iii: requirements of famous stem journals (2 hours)

reading letter to author of stem journals to understand the requirements of stem journals.

chapter iv : endnote, a document management software (2 hours)

learning the use of endnote, use the software to find references and import word documents.

chapter v: case study (14 hours)

learn the examples of sci paper, understand writing framework and english science papers writing skills.

chapter vi : practical writing of sci papers (8 hours)

through writing a sci papers, students further understand and master the requirements of sci paper writing.


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