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from july 2018, youth research professor, college of life science, lanzhou university

academic appointments

2015.9 - 2018.6, phd, college of forestry, northwest a&f university; specialization in ecology, research on agricultural ecology and biomass energy (anaerobic fermentation microbial ecology).

2012.9 - 2015.6, msc, college of forestry, northwest a&f university; specialization in ecology, research on agricultural ecology and biomass energy.

2008.9 - 2012.6, bsc, college of agriculture, gansu agricultural university; specialization in chinese herbal medicine cultivation and identification.

administrative appointments
honors & awards

chunlan mao, jianchao xi, yongzhong feng*, xiaojiaowang, guangxin ren. biogas production and synergistic correlations of systematic parameters during batch anaerobic digestion of corn straw. renewable energy, 2019,132:1271-1279. (if = 4.9)

chunlan mao, xiaojiao wang, jianchao xi, yongzhong feng*, guangxin ren. linkage of kinetic parameters with process parameters and operational conditions during anaerobic digestion. energy, 2017,135: 352-360. (if = 4.52)

chunlan mao, tong zhang, xiaojiao wang, yongzhong feng*, guangxin ren, gaihe yang. process performance and methane production optimizing of anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and corn straw. scientific reports, 2017. (if = 4.259)

chunlan mao, yongzhong feng*, xiaojiao wang, guangxin ren. review on research achievements of biogas from anaerobic digestion. renewable and sustainable energy reviews, 2015,45: 540-555. (if = 8.05,esi 0.1%)

chunlan mao, ningning zhai, jingchao yang, yongzhong feng*, yanchun cao, xinhui han, guangxin ren, gaihe yang, qingxiang meng. environmental kuzents curve analysis of the economic development and nonpoint source pollution in the ningxia yellow river irrigation districts in china. biomed research international, 2013,9:1-8. (if =2.476)

chunlan mao, xiaojiao wang, yongzhong feng*. process performance and kinetic characteristic of anaerobic digestion focusing on swine manure content. advances in engineering research, 2017,94:1-4. 会议论文。

tong zhang, chunlan mao, ningning zhai, xiaojiao wang, gaihe yang*. influence of initial ph on thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and maize stalk. waste management, 2015,35:119-126. (if = 4.03) 

ningning zhai, chunlan mao, yongzhong feng*, tong zhang, zhenjie xing, yanhong wang, shuzhen zou, dongxue yin, xinhui han, guangxin ren, gaihe yang. current status and future potential of energy derived from chinese agricultural land: a review. biomed research international, 2014,9:1-10. (if = 2.476)

yanzi wang, guangxin ren*, tongzhang, shuzhen zou, chunlan mao, xiaojiao wang. effect of magnetite powder on anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure and wheat straw. waste management, 2017, 66:46-52. (if = 4.03)

sha zhou, xue li, ningning zhai, tong zhang, shuzhen zou, chunlan mao, xiaojiao wang, gaihe yang*. enhancement of methane production by anaerobic co-digestion of acidpretreated straw and pig manure. acta scientiae circumstantiae, 2015, 8:2526-2533. (in chinese)


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