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research fellow,09/2017-09/2018, national university of singapore

academic appointments

ph.d. candidate, 09/2013-06/2017, environmental engineering, research center for eco-environmental sciences, chinese academy of sciences, 09/2011-06/2013, bioengineering, central south university, china, 09/2007-06/2011, biotechnology, central south university, china       

administrative appointments
honors & awards

biodegradation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (ppcps) and related metabolic pathway and mechanisms

enhanced removal of aromatic pollutants with bioelectrochemical system (bes)


1. hui yun, bin liang*, deyong kong, aijie wang*. improving biocathode community multifunctionality by polarity inversion for simultaneous bioelectroreduction processes in domestic wastewater. chemosphere, 2018, 194:553-561.

2. hui yun, bin liang*, jiguo qiu, long zhang, youkang zhao, jiandong jiang, aijie wang*. functional characterization of a novel amidase involved in biotransformation of triclocarban and its dehalogenated congeners in ochrobactrum sp. tcc‑2. environ sci technol, 2017, 51(1):291-300. (headline news)

3. hui yun, bin liang*, deyong kong, haoyi cheng, zhiling li, yabing gu, huaqun yin, aijie wang*. polarity inversion of bioanode for biocathodic reduction of aromatic pollutants. j. hazard. mater, 2017, 331:280-288.

4. hui yun, bin liang*, deyong kong, zhiling li, guoshu qi, aijie wang*. enhanced biotransformation of triclocarban by ochrobactrum sp. tcc-1 under anoxic nitrate respiration conditions. curr microbiol, 2017,74:491-498.

5. hui yun, deyong kong, bin liang, minhua cui, zhiling li, aijie wang*. response of anodic bacterial community to the polarity inversion for chloramphenicol reduction. bioresour technol, 2016, 221: 666-670.

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