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  • title: professor
  • department: molecular ecology lab
  • address: 808 yifu biology building
  • tel:
  • fax:
  • email: [email protected]
  • homepage:

2017-present young researcher, molecular ecology lab, school of life sciences, lanzhou university

academic appointments

jun. 2012 – may 2017  phd student in “ecology and evolution” university of lausanne switzerland

sept. 2009 – dec. 2011  master student in “ecology” – lanzhou university – china

sept. 2005 – jun. 2009  bachelor student in “bioscience” – lanzhou university – china






administrative appointments
honors & awards

publications as first author(#) and corresponding author (*)

7.jiang yy#, yang yz, lu zq, wan ds, ren gp* (2019) interspecific delimitation and relationships among four ostrya species based on plastomes. bmc gengetics, 20, 33.

6. yang xy#, wang zf#, luo wc, guo xy, zhang ch, liu jq, ren gp*. (2019) plastomes of betulaceae and phylogenetic implications. journal of systematics and evolution,doi:10.1111/jse.12479.

5. ren g#, mateo rg, guisan a, conti e, salamin n*. (2018) species divergence and maintenance of species cohesion of three closely related primula species in the qinghai-tibet plateau. journal of biogeography, 45, 2495-2507.

4. li y#, yang yz, yu l, du x, ren gp*. (2018) plastomes of nine hornbeams and phylogenetic implications. ecology and evolution, 8, 8770-8778.

3. ren g#, mateo g, liu jq, suchan t, alvarez n, guisan a, conti e, salamin n*. (2017) genetic consequences of quaternary climatic oscillations in the himalayas : primula tibetica as a case study based on restriction site-associated dna sequencing. new phytologist, 213, 1500–1512.

2. ren g#, conti e, salamin n*. (2015) phylogeny and biogeography of primula sect. armerina: implications for plant evolution under climate change and the uplift of the qinghai-tibet plateau. bmc evolutionary biology, 15, 161.

1. ren g#, abbott rj, zhou yf, zhang lr, peng yl, liu jq*.(2012) genetic divergence, range expansion and possible homoploid hybrid speciation among pine species in northeast china. heredity, 108, 552–562.

other publications

5. zhou y#, duvaux l#, ren g,zhang lr, savolainen o, liu jq*. (2017) importance of incomplete lineage sorting and introgression in the origin of shared genetic variation between two closely related pines with overlapping distributions. heredity, 118, 211–220.

4. peng y#, yin s, wang j, tian b, ren g, guo q, liu j*. (2012) phylogeographic analysis of the fir species in southern china suggests complex origin and genetic admixture. annals of forest science, 69, 409–416.

3. wang j#, li z, guo qren g, wu y* (2011a) genetic variation within and between populations of a desert poplar (populus euphratica) revealed by ssr markers. annals of forest science, 68, 1143–1149.

2. wang j#, wu y, ren g et al. (2011b) genetic differentiation and delimitation between ecologically diverged populus euphratica and p. pruinosaplos one, 6, e26530.

1. 张利锐#,彭艳玲,任广朋,周永锋,李忠虎,刘建全*. (2011)马尾松和黄山松两个核基因位点的群体遗传多样性和种间分化,植物生态学报,05:531-538.


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