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  • title: associate professor
  • department: institute of cell biology
  • address: 1005b yifu biology building
  • tel:
  • fax:
  • email: [email protected]
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2017/07-present: associate professor, school of life sciences, lanzhou university

academic appointments

2014/09-2017/06: ph.d., genetics, school of life sciences, south china normal university

2009/09-2012/06:, botany, college of chemistry and life sciences, zhejiang normal university



administrative appointments
honors & awards




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ni m#, zhang l#, shi y#, wang c#, lu y, pan j, liu j*. excessive cellular s-nitrosothiol impairs endocytosis of auxin efflux transporter pin2. frontiers in plant science, 2017, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01988.

mayers jr, hu t, wang c, tan y, pan j, bednarek sy*. scd1 and scd2 form a complex that functions with the exocyst and rabe1 in exocytosis and cytokinesis. plant cell, 2017, 29(10):2610-2625.

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wang c, xu w, jin h, zhang t, lai j, zhou x, zhang s, liu s, duan x, wang h, peng c, yang c*. a putative chloroplast-localized ca2 /h antiporter ccha1 is involved in calcium and ph homeostasis and required for psii function in arabidopsis. molecular plant, 2016, 9(8):1183-1196.

wang c#, hu t#, yan x#, meng t, wang y, wang q, zhang x, gu y, sánchez-rodríguez c, gadeyne a, lin j, persson s, van damme d, li c, bednarek sy, pan j*. differential regulation of clathrin and its adaptor proteins during membrane recruitment for endocytosis. plant physiology, 2016, 171(1):215-229.

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