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  • title: 教授
  • department: 细胞生物学研究所
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2005/02-2008/02:美国noble foundation研究所,博士后

2003/01-2005/02:新加坡分子细胞生物学研究所(imcb),研究员(research fellow)



academic appointments



administrative appointments




浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版)编委(2017-至今)、frontiers in plant science评审编辑(reviewing editor; 2015-至今)、浙江师范大学学报(自然科学版)编委(2013-至今)

nature plant、plant cell、trends in plant science、molecular plant、plos genetics、plant physiology、plant biotechnology journal、plant cell & environment和journal of experimental botany等10余家sci刊物审稿人

honors & awards


教育部 "长江学者"特聘教授 (2016年)


















pan w#, zheng z#, yan x#, shen j, shou j, jiang l, pan j*. overexpression of cbl interacting protein kinase 2 improves plant tolerance to salinity and mercury. biologia plantarum, 2018, in press.

xuan l, zhang  c, yan t, wu d, hussain n, li z, chen m, pan j*, jiang l*. transparent testa 4‐mediated flavonoids negatively affect embryonic fatty acid biosynthesis in arabidopsis. plant cell & environment, 2018, online. doi:

pan w#, shen j#, zheng z#, yan x, shou j, wang w, jiang l, pan j*. overexpression of the tibetan plateau annual wild barley (hordeum spontaneum) hscipks enhances rice tolerance to heavy metal toxicities and other abiotic stresses. rice (ny), 2018, online. doi:

reynolds gd, wang c, pan j, bednarek sy*. inroads into internalization: five years of endocytic exploration. plant physiology, 2018, 176(1): 208-218. review doi:

mayers jr, hu t, wang c, càrdenas jj, tan y, pan j, bednarek sy*. scd1 and scd2 form a complex that functions with the exocyst and rabe1 in exocytosis and cytokinesis. plant cell, 2017, 29(10): 2610-2625. doi:

ni m, zhang l, shi y, wang c, pan j, liu j*. excessive cellular s-nitrosothiol impairs endocytosis of auxin efflux transporter pin2. frontiers in plant science, 2017, 8:1988. doi:

wang c, yan x, meng t, hu t, pan j*. immunofluorescence analysis of membrane-associated proteins for clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plant root cells. methods mol biol., 2017, 1662: 151-157. doi:

zhang y#, yu q#, jiang n#, yan x, wang c, wang q, liu j, zhu m, bednarek sy, xu j, pan j*. clathrin regulates blue light-triggered lateral auxin distribution and hypocotyl phototropism in arabidopsis. plant cell & environment, 2017, 40(1):165-176. doi:

wang c#, hu t#, yan x#, meng t, wang y, wang q, zhang x, gu y, sánchez-rodríguez c, gadeyne a, lin j, persson s, van damme d, li c, bednarek sy, pan j*. differential regulation of clathrin and its adaptor proteins during membrane recruitment for endocytosis. plant physiology, 2016, 171(1): 215-229. doi:

yu q, zhang y, wang j, yan x, wang c, xu j, pan j*. clathrin-mediated auxin efflux and maxima regulates hypocotyl hook formation and light-stimulated hook opening in arabidopsis. molecular plant, 2016, 9(1): 101-112. doi:

rao y, yang y, xu j, li x, leng y, dai l, huang l, shao g, ren d, hu j, guo l, pan j, zeng d*. early senescence1 encodes a scar-like protein2 that affects water loss in rice. plant physiology, 2015, 169(2): 1225-1239. doi:

shi y, wang d, wang c, culler ah, kreiser ma, suresh j, cohen jd, pan j, baker b, liu j*. loss of gsnor1 function leads to compromised auxin signaling and polar auxin transport. molecular plant, 2015, 8(9): 1350-1365. doi:

fan l, li r, pan j, ding z, lin j*. endocytosis and its regulation in plants. trends in plant sci, 2015, 20(6): 388-397. review doi:

mcmichael cm, reynolds gd, koch lm, wang c, jiang n, nadeau j, sack fd, gelderman mb, pan j, bednarek sy*. mediation of clathrin-dependent trafficking during cytokinesis and cell expansion by arabidopsis stomatal cytokinesis defective proteins. plant cell, 2013, 25(10): 3910-3925. doi:

wang c, yan x, chen q, jiang n, fu w, ma bj, liu jz, li cy, bednarek sy, pan j*. clathrin light chains regulate clathrin-mediated trafficking, auxin signaling, and development in arabidopsis. plant cell, 2013, 25(2): 499-516. doi:

sun j, chen q, qi l, jiang h, li s, xu y, liu f, zhou w, pan j, li x, palme k, li c*. jasmonate modulates endocytosis and plasma membrane accumulation of the arabidopsis pin2 protein. new phytologist, 2011, 191(2): 360-375. doi:

pan j, fujioka s, peng j, chen j, li g, and chen r*. the e3 ubiquitin ligase scftir1/afb and membrane sterols play key roles in auxin regulation of endocytosis, recycling, and plasma membrane accumulation of the auxin efflux transporter pin2 in arabidopsis thaliana. plant cell, 2009, 21(2): 568-580. doi:

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