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  2016.05-     associate professor, school of life sciences, lanzhou university


2011.07-2016.04  lecturer, school of life sciences, lanzhou university



academic appointments

2005.09-2011.07 ph.d., school of life sciences, lanzhou university, lanzhou, china

2008.09-2010.07 joint training of ph.d. students in state-sponsored postgraduate program for building high-level universities, university of maryland, college park, usa

2001.09-2005.07  b.s., school of life sciences, henan normal university, xinxiang, china

administrative appointments

honors & awards


1. the roles of ros and atm in the regulation of spermidine-induced mitophagy. national natural science foundation of china, 31300941, 2014.01-2016.12.

           2. the effect and mechanism of lead-induced mitophagy in mouse model. natural science foundation of gansu province, 145rjza120, 2014.01-2016.12.

   3. the molecular mechanism of nutritional regulation in dna damage response, cancer prevention and aging. natural science foundation of gansu province, 1010rjza107, 2010.01-2012.12.

   4. the signaling pathway of lead-induced mitophagy in hek293 cells. fundamental research funds for the central universities, lzujbky-2014-91, 2014.01-2015.12


 # first author; * corresponding author.

     1. xingjie zhang, lin ma, yue tang, jiangyuan han, yongmei qi*, dejun huang*. low-dose cadmium exposure facilitates cell proliferation by promoter hypermethylation of rassf1a and dapk1 genes. environmental toxicology. 2021, 36(11):2313-2321.

2. yihong tian, yongmei qi*, sajid naeem, ke gao, yingmei zhang*. spermidine-induced autophagy regulates the survival of hela cells. pakistan journal of zoology, 2021, 53(1):239-244.

3. yongmei qi#, lin ma#1, sajid naeem, xueyan gu2, xijuan chao, cong yuan, dejun huang*. pb induced mitochondrial fission of fibroblast cells via atm activation. journal of hazardous materials, 2021, 416: 126177.

4. yan hu1, dong li1, xuan ma, rongjian liu, yongmei qi, cong yuan, dejun huang*. effects of 2,4-dichlorophenol exposure on zebrafish: implications for the sex hormone synthesis. aquatic toxicology, 2021, 236: 105868.

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11. yongmei qi#, qian qiu#, xueyan gu, yihong tian, yingmei zhang*, atm mediates spermidine-induced mitophagy via pink1 and parkin regulation in human fibroblasts, scientific reports, 2016, 6, 24700. 

12. yongmei qi, yingmei zhang*, yingxia liu, wenya zhang, nonylphenol decreases viability and arrests cell cycle via reactive oxygen species in raji cells, experimental and toxicologic pathology, 2013, 65 (1-2): 69-72.

13. yongmei qi, ailing li, dejun huang, yihong tian, yingmei zhang*, exogenous s-adenosyl-l-methionine could inhibit c-myc overexpression induced by as2o3 in normal human liver hl-7702 cells, journal of health science, 2011, 57(2): 188-191.

14. yongmei qi, norberta w schoene, frederick m lartey, wen-hsing cheng*, selenium compounds activate atm-dependent dna damage response via the mismatch repair protein hmlh1 in colorectal cancer cells, the journal of biological chemistry, 2010, 285(43): 33010–33017.

15. dejun huang*, xiaoning zhang, chen zhang, hui li, dong li, yan hu, feng yang, yongmei qi. 2018. 2,4-dichlorophenol induces dna damage through ros accumulation and gsh depletion in goldfish carassius auratus. environ mol mutagen. 59, 798-804. 

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