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  • title: 讲师
  • department: 细胞生物学研究所
  • address: 逸夫生物楼503
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  • email: [email protected]
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2011.10至今 兰州大学,生命科学学院,讲师

academic appointments

1998.09-2002.07 中国农业大学,动物科技学院畜牧专业,农学学士;

2002.09-2005.07 中国农业大学,动物科技学院草业科学专业,农学硕士,导师:韩建国教授、杨青川研究员;

2006.09-2011.01 中国科学院,植物研究所发育生物学专业,理学博士,导师:王台研究员。

administrative appointments
honors & awards



han b, chen l, wang j, wu zl, yan lf, hou sw*. 2015. constitutive expresser of pathogenesis related protein 1 is required for pavement cell morphogenesis in arabidopsis. plos one, doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0133249

yang jx#, yan lf#, song yj, chai cc, song ll, guan lp, hou sw*. 2015. new roles for the arabidopsis tao1 gene besides disease resistance. russian journal of plant physiology, 62: 579-587 (#co-auther)

wang w, zhang j, qin qq, yue j, huang by, xu xf, yan lf, hou sw*. 2014. the six conserved serine/threonine sites of repressor of ga1-3 protein 1 are important for its functionality and stability in gibberellin signaling in arabidopsis. planta, 240: 763-779

yan lf, cheng x, jia rl, qin qq, guan lp, du h, hou sw*. 2014. new phenotypic characteristics of three tmm alleles in arabidopsis thaliana. plant cell rep, 33: 719–731

wei lq#, yan lf#, wang t*. 2011. deep sequencing on genome-wide scale reveals the unique composition and expression patterns of micrornas in developing pollen of oryza sativa. genome biol, 12, r53 (#co-auther)

xu sb, yu ht, yan lf, wang t*. 2010. integrated proteomic and cytological study of rice endosperms at the storage phase. j proteome res, 9, 4906-4918

gong cy, li t, li q, yan lf, wang t*. 2010. rice osrad21-2 is expressed in actively dividing tissues and its ectopic expression in yeast results in aberrant cell division and growth. j integra plant biol, 53, 14-24

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