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  • title: professor
  • department: ecology, the school of life sciences
  • address: no.708, yifu biology building.
  • tel: 0931-8915650
  • fax: 0931-8915650
  • email: [email protected]
  • homepage:

professor, lanzhou university (2015-)

visiting scholar, university of adelaide, australia (2011-2012)

associate professor, lanzhou university (2009-2015)

postdoctoral, institute of tibetan plateau research, chinese academic sciences (2008-2012)

lecturer, lanzhou university (2006-2009)

academic appointments

phd, ecology and rangeland management, gansu agricultural university, 2003-2006.

ms, biodiversity and grassland ecology, ningxia university, 2000-2003.

ab, rangeland science, gansu agricultural university, 1996-2000.

administrative appointments

membership, eurasian dry grassland group (edgg) (2018-)

guest researcher, qinghai provincial key laboratory of restoration ecology of cold area (2017-2022)

guest researcher, qinghai academy of animal and veterinary science (2017-2022)

membership, commission on ecosystem management-iucn (2017-2020)

guest editor (4/4), special issue in agriculture, ecosystems & environment (enhancing the ecological services of the qinghai-tibetan plateau’s grasslands through sustainable restoration and management in era of global change) (2019)

guest editor (2/6), special issue in plant soil (above-and below-ground interactions on the roof of the world) (2019)

membership, global forum on food security and nutrition-fao (fao-fsn) (2017-)

general secretary, 4th international conference on sustainable animal agriculture for developing countries (saadc 2013)

editor, journal of rangeland science (2012-)

co-supervisor for phd, environmental science, tribhuvan university, nepal (2011-2015)

technical consultant assistant, wb/gef gansu-xinjiang project (2007-2009)

environmental expert, gef wetland project in zoige wetland (2007-2008)

membership, the china society on tibet plateau (2007-)

membership, chinese grassland society (2007-)

member of a council, young scientist group, chinese grassland society (2007-)

honors & awards

new century excellent talents in university by moe (2013)

first class of qinghai prize for progress in science and technology (5/10)(2017)

outstanding contributions award of organization, igc/irc congress (2008)

excellent phd thesis, gansu agriculture university (2006)

third class of gansu young scientific and technological innovation (2006)

second wang dong scholarship of grassland science 


(1) the project of the national natural foundation of china: the ecological mechanism of plant community succession’s synestia stratification-differentiation of ‘bare soil land’ based-sown grassland and its adaptive regulation on tibetan plateau. (no. 31870433, 2019-2022, chief researcher)

(2) the project of the national natural foundation of china: the hydrothemic-hole’s ecological effect of the bare patch in the ‘bare land’ degraded meadow and this accelerative mechanism of grassland deteriorating on tibetan plateau. (no. 41671508, 2017-2020, chief researcher)

(3) the project of the national natural foundation of china: the underground-ecological process of and inter-driving-mechanism of secondary emergency of ‘bare-land’ degraded grassland in headwater area of three rivers on tibetan plateau. (no. 41171417, 2012-2015, chief researcher)

(4) the project of the national natural foundation of china: studies on process and interior drive mechanism of formation about secondary weed vegetation of ‘black soil patch’ degraded grassland in the headwater of yangtze and yellow rivers, tibetan plateau. (no. 30600426, 2007-2009, chief researcher)

(5) qinghai key r&d and transformation program: rangeland grazing system’s functional optimization and its expert system development/application on tibetan plateau. (no. 2017-nk-149-2, 2018-2020, chief researcher)

(6) the second stage’s research and technique extending project of sanjiangyuan ecological protection and building of 2017 in qinghai: restoring technique’s model, effect and regional adaptation evaluation. (no. 2017-s-1-06; 2017-2019, chief researcher)

(7) belt and road special project of lanzhou university: rangeland carbon management and livelihood development in the region of belt and road. (no. 2018ldbryb023, 2018-2019, chief researcher)

(8) gansu science and technology supporting program (international joint project): innovation capacity building between gansu province and icimod for the scientific and technological cooperation. (no. 1604wkca014, 2016-2018, chief researcher)

(9) gansu grassland science-innovative alliance’s s&t program: grassland science platform system development in gansu province. (no. gclm2016004, 2016-2017, chief researcher)

(10) qinghai science and technology supporting program: alpine meadow’s classification and dynamics’ monitoring technical system. (no. 2013‐n‐146‐4, 2013-2015, chief researcher)

(11) gansu major special s&t program: feed traits of and its safe and efficient application in the cow, sheep industry. (no. 1502nkda005-3, 2015-2017, chief researcher)

(12) himalayan university consortium (huc) seed grant: collaborative research of innovating social‐carbon‐stoichiometry method to comparing the different indigenous peoples’ contribution for mitigating the global warming in himalaya mountain region. (2015-2016, chief researcher)

(13) program for new century excellent talents in university: artificial disturbance for adjusting the self-restoration of ‘bare-land’ degraded grassland and its ecological mechanism. (no. ncet-13-0261, 2013-2016, chief researcher)

(14) the twelfth five-year national key technology r&d program: integrated conservation for biodiversity and sustainable utilization in alpine rangeland—restoring technology in degraded habitat. (no. 2012bac01b02-3, 2012-2014, chief researcher)

(15) fundamental research funds for the central universities: the effect of weedification and control on soil organic carbon of alpine meadow in qilian mountain (no. lzujbky-2010-7, 2010-2011, chief researcher)

(16) the project of youth cross-science foundation of lanzhou university: the allelopathy effect of several weeds in ‘black soil land’ on pedicularis kansuensis and chemometrics analysis. (no. lzujc2007008, 2008-2010, chief researcher)

(17) the project of the chinese post-doctor foundation (45th): diversity of the 'black soil patch' s origins and forming routes in tibetan plateau. (no.20090460540, 2009-2011, chief researcher)

(18) the project of the national natural foundation of china: alpine meadow degraded process and control mechanism in three rivers sources in tibetan. (no. 30730069, 2008-2010, key research participants)

(19) project of european union's framework: range enclosure on the tibetan plateau of china: impacts on pastoral livelihoods, marketing, livestock productivity and rangeland biodiversity. (inco: 032350, 2007-2010, key research participants)

(20) the eleventh-five national key technology r&d program: native grassland efficient utilization and forage provided in one full year technology. (no. 2007bad63b03, 2008-2010, key research participants)

(21) gef/wb project (gxpdp): the relation between rehabilitation of degraded grassland and carbon sequestration. (no. 052456 cha-gs-y-4, 2007-2009, key research participants)

(22) the project of three rivers resource ecological development of china state development and reform commission. studies and demonstration on degraded meadow restoration mechanism, the balance between forage and livestock, grassland sustaining utilized model. (2005-2007, key research participants)

(23) the project of the national natural foundation of china: studies on ideal of ‘black soil type’ degraded alpine grassland renovation and new technology in the headwater area of yangtze and yellow rivers. (no. 30371021, 2004-2006, key research participants)

(24) the project of the national natural foundation of china: studies on biodiversity of soil microorganism about alpine grassland in west qilian mountains. (no. 30471232, 2005-2007, research participants)

(25) hundreds-talent program, chinese academy of science: studies on biological geochemistry of alpine grassland. (2003-2006, key research participants)

(26) the project of the national natural foundation of china: studies on biodiversity about desert grassland of the core production region of zhongwei goat in ningxia. (no.39960052, 2001-2003, key research participants)


international journal’s publications (* corresponding author)

(1) zhang, r., bai, y.f., zhang, t., henkin, z., degen, a.a., jia, t.h., guo, c.c, long, r.j., shang, z.h.* 2019. driving factors that reduce soil carbon, sugar, and microbial biomass in degraded alpine grassland. rangeland ecology & management. .

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