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  • title: 副教授
  • department: 生物物理所
  • address: 1216
  • tel: 15193131403
  • fax:
  • email: [email protected]
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2012.12~至今   兰州大学生命科学学院 生物物理研究所  讲师

academic appointments

2007.9~2012.7 博士学位 兰州大学生命科学学院 生物物理学专业
2003.9~2007.7 学士学位 兰州大学生命科学学院 国家级理科生物学基地

administrative appointments
honors & awards





wang, m. y.zhou, h. h.zhang, s. c.hui, f.zhu, w.su, h. x.guo, h. y.li, x. w.ji, s. r.wu, y. recurrent mutations at c-reactive protein gene promoter snp position -286 in human cancers(2014)cell res, if=11.98 (并列一作) 

su, h. x.zhou, h. h.wang, m. y.cheng, j.zhang, s. c.hui, f.chen, x. z.liu, s. h.liu, q. j.zhu, z. j.hu, q. r.wu, y.ji, s. r. mutations of c-reactive protein (crp) -286 snp, apc and p53 in colorectal cancer: implication for a crp-wnt crosstalk(2014),plos one. if=3.53(并列一作) 

wang, l.zhou, h.han, j.milne, r. i.wang, m.liu, b. genome-scale transcriptome analysis of the alpine "glasshouse" plant rheum nobile (polygonaceae) with special translucent bracts(2014).plos one .if=3.53(并列通讯)

 wang m.y., ji s.r., bai c.j., el kebir d., li h.y., shi j.m., zhu w., costantino s., zhou h.h., potempa l.a., zhao j., filep j.g., wu y. (2011) a redox switch in c-reactive protein modulates activation of endothelial cells. faseb j . if=5.7(并列一作)


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