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  • title: associate professor
  • department: institute of animal and developmental biology
  • address: 431 tianyan building
  • tel:
  • fax:
  • email: [email protected]
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since july 2018: associate professor, school of life sciences, lanzhou university

dec 2012-jun 2018: lecture, school of life sciences, lanzhou university

academic appointments

 2003-2007: b.sc. school of life sciences, lanzhou university, lanzhou, china;

 2007-2012: ph.d. school of life sciences, lanzhou university, lanzhou, china;

        supervisor: professor yingmei zhang

administrative appointments

since 2018: committee member of animal physiology and ecology, china zoological society

since 2019: committee member of zoological society of china.  

honors & awards

outstanding youth fund of gansu province (no: 20jr10ra647), 2021-2023;

national natural science foundation of china (no: 31971516), 2020-2023;

national natural science foundation of china (no: 31300437), 2014-2016;

natural science foundation of gansu province (no: 1308rjza139), 2013-2015;

fundamental research funds for the central universities, no: lzujbky-2013-93, 2013-2014; no: lzujbky-2015-92, 2015-2016; no: lzujbky-2017-146, 2017-2018.

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