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  • title: associate professor
  • department: institute of zoology and developmental biology
  • address: 443 tianyan building
  • tel:
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  • email: [email protected]
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2014-2019   lecturer

since 2019  associate professor

academic appointments

2003-2013,biological studies at lanzhou university

administrative appointments
honors & awards

first prize of “hsiang-tung chang postgraduate neuroscience research award”


functions of m1 and m2 microglia after ischemic stroke. 2017-2019. national natural science foundation of china.


li, t.; xu, t.; zhao, j.; gao, h.; xie, wg.; depletion of inos-positive inflammatory cells decelerates neuronal degeneration and alleviates cerebral ischemic damage by suppressing the inflammatory response, free radical biology and medicine, 2022, 181: 209-220. 

li, t., zhao, j.,xie, w., yuan, w., guo, j., pang, s., et al. (2021) specific depletion of resident microglia in the early stage of stroke reduces cerebral ischemic damage. j neuroinflammation 18(1):81-95.

roth, s., cao, j., singh, v., tiedt, s., hundeshagen, g., li, t. et al. (2021) post-injury immunosuppression and secondary infections are caused by an aim2 inflammasome-driven signaling cascade. immunity 54(4):648-659.

li, t, zhang, s.* (2016) microgliosis in the injured brain: infiltrating cells and reactive microglia both play a role. neuroscientist apr;22(2):165-70.

chun-lin sun, qing liao, ting li, jun li, et al. (2015) rational design of small indolic squaraine dyes with large two-photon absorption cross section. chemical science 6(1):761-769.

li, t., pang, s., yu, y., wu, x., guo, j. & zhang, s.* (2013) proliferation of parenchymal microglia is the main source of microgliosis after ischaemic stroke. brain 136:3578-88.

lu, b., li, t., zhao, h., li, x., gao, c., zhang, s. & xie, e. (2012) graphene-based composite materials beneficial to wound healing. nanoscale 4:2978-82.


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