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  • title: 讲师
  • department: 干旱农业生态研究所/草地农业生态系统国家重点实验室
  • address: 生物2号楼916室
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  • email: [email protected]
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  • 2012年至今,兰州大学生命科学学院/草地农业生态系统国家重点实验室 讲师
  • 2014年6月-12月,西澳大利亚大学 农业研究院 访问学者
  • 2012-, lecturer,state key laboratory of grassland agro-ecosystems, school of life sciences, lanzhou university
  • 2014/06-12, the visiting research fellow, the uwa institute of agriculture, the univerity of western australia


academic appointments
  • 2007-2012年,兰州大学生命科学学院,生态学专业, 理学博士(师从李凤民教授)
  • 2003-2007年,兰州大学生命科学学院,生物科学专业,理学学士
  • phd  lanzhou university (china),  2012 (ecology)(supervised by professor feng-min li)
  • bsc  lanzhou university (china),  2007 (bio-science)



administrative appointments

1、sci期刊plant and soil, crop science, plant growth regulation, journal of agronomy and crop science, brazilian journal of botany匿名审稿人

2、受聘universal journal of agricultural research (issn: 2332-2284) 期刊经常性审稿人(聘期:2015-2018)


honors & awards

1. 国家自然科学基金面上项目,31670401,黄土高原半干旱地区高产春小麦节水机制的生理生态学基础研究,2017/01-2020/12,63万,主持

2. 国家自然科学基金青年基金项目,31300328,旱地春小麦人工选择过程中根系吸水能力的演化与产量形成的关系,2013/01-2016/12,22万,主持

3. 中央高校基金面上项目,lzujbky-2013-97,脱落酸对旱地小麦渗透调节和产量的调控机理,2013/01-2014/06,4万,主持



publication (# co-first author, * corresponding author):

  1. jacob weiner, yan-lei du, cong zhang, xiao-liang qin, feng-min li, 2017. evolutionary agroecology: individual fitness and population yield in wheat (triticum aestivum). ecology 98, 2261-2266. 
  2. yan fang#, yan-lei du#, jun wang, aijiao wu, sheng qiao, bingcheng xu, suiqi zhang, kadambot h.m. siddique, yinglong chen*. 2017. moderate drought stress affected root growth and grain yield in old, modern and newly released cultivars of winter wheat. frontiers in plant science. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00672.
  3. jin he, yi jin, yan-lei du*, tao wang, neil c. turner, kadambot h.m. siddique, feng-min li*. 2017. genotypic variation in yield, yield components, root morphology and architecture, in soybean in relation to water and phosphorus supply. frontiers in plant science. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01499.
  4. tao wang, yan-lei du*, jin he, neil c. turner, bing-ru wang, cong zhang, ting cui, feng-min li*. 2017. recently-released genotypes of naked oat ( avena nuda l.) out-yield early releases under water-limited conditions by greater reproductive allocation and desiccation tolerance. field crops research. 204, 169–179.
  5. jing-wei fan, yan-lei du, bing-ru wang, neil c. turner, tao wang, lynette k. abbott, stefanova, kadambot h.m. siddique, feng-min li*. 2016. forage yield, soil water depletion, shoot nitrogen and phosphorus uptake and concentration, of young and old stands of alfalfa in response to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisation in a semiarid environment. field crops research. 198, 247-257.
  6. jin he, yan-lei du, tao wang, neil c. turner. 2016. conserved water use improves the yield performance of soybean (glycine max (l.) merr.) under drought. agricultural water management. 179, 236-245.
  7. jiayin pang, neil c. turner, tanveer khan, yan-lei du, jun-lan xiong, timothy d. colmer, rosangela devilla, katia stefanova, kadambot h.m. siddique. 2016. response of chickpea (cicer arietinum l.) to terminal drought: leaf stomatal conductance, pod abscisic acid concentration, and seed set. journal of experimental botany. 61, 335 – 345.
  8. yu guan, zhen qiao, jiu-yuan du, yan-lei du*. 2015. root carbon consumption and grain yield of spring wheat in response to phosphorus supply under two water regimes. journal of integrative agriculture. 15(7): 1595–1601.
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  11. yan-lei du, zhen-yu wang, jing-wei fan, neil c. turner, jin he, tao wang, feng-min li*. 2013. exogenous abscisic acid reduces water loss and improves antioxidant defense, desiccation tolerance and transpiration efficiency in two spring wheat cultivars subjected to a soil water deficit. functional plant biology, 40(5), 494-506.
  12. yan-lei du, zhen-yu wang, jing-wei fan, neil c. turner, tao wang, feng-min li*. 2012. β-aminobutyric acid increases abscisic acid accumulation, desiccation tolerance and decreases water use but fails to improve grain yield in two spring wheat cultivars under soil drying. journal of experimental botany, 63, 4849-4860.
  13. jiayin pang, neil c. turner, yan-lei du, kadambot h. m. siddique. 2017. pattern of water use and seed yield under terminal drought in chickpea genotypes. frontiers in plant science. 8 (1375). doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01375
  14. jing-wei fan, yan-lei du, neil c. turner, feng-min li*, jin he. 2012. germination characteristics of switchgrass and its seedling establishment with different agricultural practice in the semiarid loess plateau of china. crop science. 52, 2341-2350.


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