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  • department: institute of arid agroecology, school of life scie
  • address: 310b yifu biology building
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2011.05-present   lanzhou university, school of life sciences



academic appointments

2005.09-2010.06   lanzhou university, ecology, ph.d.

2001.09-2005.06   shaoxing university, biology, b.s.


administrative appointments

1. reviewer of agricultural and forest meteorology, climate dynamics, climatic change etc.

2. global environment outlook (geo-5), united nations environment programme (unep), fellowship programme

3. one of the leader authors of global altas of desertification (3rd edition)


honors & awards



national science foundation of china-31200373, principal inverstigator: “how resilient are grass and shrub ecosystem of the loess plateau to climate change? an analysis using mechanistic model”




national science foundation of china-31200373, principal inverstigator: “exprimental and modeling study on the response of semiarid grassland ecosystem to precipitation changes on the loess plateau”



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