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  • title: professor
  • department: institute of plant science and plant physiology
  • address: 327 tianyan building
  • tel:
  • fax:
  • email: [email protected]
  • homepage:
  • 2002.7-2012.3:  northwest university for nationalities, china
  • 2012.7-2013.4:  school of life sciences, lanzhou university, china; lecturer
  • 2013.5-2016.4:  school of life sciences, lanzhou university, china; associate professor
  • 2016.5-present:  school of life sciences, lanzhou university, china; professor
academic appointments
  • 1997.9-2002.6: school of life sciences, lanzhou university, china; b.s. biology
  • 2004.9-2007.6: school of life sciences, lanzhou university, china; m.s. botany
  • 2009.9-2012.6: school of life sciences, lanzhou university, china; ph.d. mycorrhizal ecology
  • 2017.9-2018.9: school of earth sciences and environmental sustainability, northern arizona university, usa; visiting scholar
administrative appointments
honors & awards
1. outstanding doctoral dissertation award of gansu province (2014)
2. the first prize of natural science of gansu province (5/5, 2016)
1. influences of mycorrhizal fungi on the ecosystem multifunctionality of alpine meadows under different nitrogen fertility. 2019.1-2022.12, nsfc no.31870494
2. arbuscular mycorrhiza-mediated carbon sequestration and its response to different soil nitrogen and phosphorus fertility. 2016.1-2019.12, nsfc no.31570512
3. influences of fertilization on the community structure and function of am fungi in an alpine meadow ecosystem.        2014.1-2016.12, nsfc no.31300445




corresponding author,# first author

bahadur a, jin zc, long xl, jiang sj, zhang q, pan jb, liu yj, feng hy* (2019) arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi alter plant interspecific interaction under nitrogen fertilization. european journal of soil biology, 93: 103094. 

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qin ms, zhang q, pan jb, jiang sj, liu yj, bahadur a, peng zl, yang y, feng hy(2019) effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on soil enzyme activity is coupled with increased plant biomass. european journal of soil science, doi: 10.1111/ejss.12815. 

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garcía de león d*, davison j, moora m, öpik m, feng hy, hiiesalu i, jairus t, koorem k, liu yj, phosri c, sepp sk, vasar m, zobel m (2018) anthropogenic disturbance equalizes diversity levels in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities. global change biology, 24: 2649-2659. 

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shi gx, yao bq, liu yj, jiang sj, wang wy, pan jb, zhao xq, feng hy, zhou hq* (2017) the phylogenetic structure of amf communities shifts in response to gradient warming with and without winter grazing on the qinghai–tibet plateau. applied soil ecology, 121: 31-40. 

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liu yj, feng hy* (2010) systematic classification and community research techniques of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: a review. chinese journal of applied ecology, 21(6): 1573-1580.

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