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  • department: 生态环境科学系
  • address: 逸夫生物楼708室
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2008.01-now school of life sciences, associate professor;

2007.06–2007.12  wageningen university, visiting reseracher.

2011.01-2012.01 pennsylvania state university, visiting researcher.


academic appointments

1996 - 2000 gansu agricultural university, bachelor

2000 - 2003 gansu agricultural university, master

2003 - 2007 northwest institute of plateau biology, cas, phd

administrative appointments

2008.01-now school of life sciences, associate professor;

honors & awards
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  2. wang x.j., ding l.m.*,wei h.y., jiang c.x., yan q., hu c.s., jia g.x., zhou y.q., henkin z., degen a.a. 2020. astragalus membranaceus root supplementation improves average daily gain, rumen fermentation, serum immunity and antioxidant indices of tibetan sheep. animal, 15:100061. 
  3. wei h.y., ding l.m.*, wang x.j., yan q., jiang c.x., hu c.s., wang g.w., zhou y.q., henkin z., degen a.a. 2021. astragalus root extract improved average daily gain, immunity, antioxidant status and ruminal microbiota of early weaned yak calves. journal of the science of food and agriculture, 101:82-90. doi:10.1002/jsfa.10617.
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  5. yan q., ding l.m.*, wei h.y., wang x.j., jiang c.x., degen a. 2019. body weight estimation of yaks using body measurements from image analysis. measurement, 140:76-80.
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