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  • title: 副教授
  • department: 生态学研究所
  • address: 逸夫生物楼906b
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academic appointments

2004/09 -2010/06,兰州大学,生命科学学院,草地农业生态系统国家重点实验室,生态学专业,硕博连读,理学博士学位;

2000/09 -2004/06,东北林业大学,林学院,森林资源保护专业,农学学士学位。

administrative appointments

oikos,plant ecology,ecological research及《生态学杂志》等学术杂志审稿人。

honors & awards


主持国家自然科学基金面上项目“青藏高原东缘草地植物lhs特征的环境响应规律及其群落适应意义(31770448, 2018,01-2021,12)”

主持国家自然科学基金青年项目“青藏高原东缘草地植物种子大小的海拔变异及其与繁殖策略和生物性状的关联(31600329, 2017,01-2019,12)”




参与科技部重大基础专项“青藏高原特殊生境下野生植物种质资源的调查与保存”( 2007fy110100;2008.01-2012.12)”



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hui zhang, wei qi, robert john, wenbin wang, feifan song, shurong zhou*. 2015. using functional trait diversity to evaluate the contribution of multiple ecological processes to community assembly along a successional gradient in sub-alpine meadows of the eastern qinghai-tibetan plateau, china. ecography. (doi: 10.1111/ecog.01123) (sci二区,if=4.90).

chunhui zhang, charles g. willis, liana t. burghardt, wei qi, kun liu, paulo roberto de moura souza-filho, zhen ma, guozhen du*. 2014. the community‐level effect of light on germination timing in relation to seed mass: a source of regeneration niche differentiation. new phytologist, 204 (3): 496-506. (sci二区,if=7.33).

wenjin li*, jinhua li, shuangshuang liu, rulan zhang, wei qi, renyi zhang, johannes m. h. knops, junfeng lu. 2017. magnitude of species diversity effect on aboveground plant biomass increases through successional time of abandoned farmlands on the eastern tibetan plateau of china. land degradation & development, 28 (1): 370-378.(sci二区,if=9.79).

wenjin li*, johannes m. h. knops, chad e. brassil, junfeng lu, wei qi, jinhua li, minxia liu, shenghua chang, wenlong li. functional group dominance and not productivity drives species richness, plant ecology & diversity, 9 (2): 141-150. 2016.(sci三区,if=1.81).

miaojun ma, xianhui zhou, wei qi, kun liu, peng jia, guozhen du*. seasonal dynamics of the plant community and soil seed bank along a successional gradient in a subalpine meadow on the tibetan plateau. plos one, 8(11): e80220. (sci三区,if=2.81).

chunhui zhang, kun liu, wei qi, zhen ma, guozhen du*. 2014. light-dependent associations of germination timing with subsequent life-history traits and maternal habitats for 476 angiosperm species of the eastern tibetan plateau grasslands. seed science research, 24 (03): 207-218. (sci四区,if=1.84).

juhong wang*, wen chen*, ruijun ma, carol c. baskin, jerry m. baskin,wei qi, xuelin chen. 2016. role of short-term cold stratification on seeddormancy break and germination of alien species in southeastern china,plant ecology,217(6).(sci四区,if=1.64).

xin yin, wei qi, guozhen du*. 2017. diversity effects under different nutrient addition and cutting frequency environments in experimental plant communities. ecological research, 1-9. (sci四区,if=1.28).

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haiyan bu, xuejing wang, ianhui zhou, wei qi, kun liu, wenjing ge, dang-hui xushi-ting zhang 2016. the ecological and evolutionary significance of seed shape and volume for the germination of 383 species on the eastern qinghai-tibet plateau. folia geobotanica, 51(4): 333-341. (sci四区,if=1.02).

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