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  • title: 副教授
  • department: 生态学
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academic appointments

2009.5至今    兰州大学生命科学学院,教学科研
2006.12-2009.4 兰州大学生命科学学院,博士后研究工作
2000.9-2003.7  甘肃农业大学,获硕士学位

administrative appointments
honors & awards



1) yuxia wu, nan ding,xin zhao, mingui zhao, zongqiang chang, jianquan liu and lixin zhang. molecular characterization of pesos1: the putative na /h antiporter of populus euphratica. plant molecular biology 2007, 65: 1-11.(if=3.54,2008年影响因子,下同)
2) yuxia wu, juan wang, and jianquan liu. development and characterization of microsatellite markers in populus euphratica (populaceae). molecular ecology resources 2008, 8: 1142–1144. (if=1.2)
3) yuxia wu* and jianquan liu. expression analysis of a na /h antiporter gene penhx1 from populus euphratica. sciences in cold and arid regions 2009 1(6) 0541-0548.
4) haiyan xu, dachuan shi, juan wang, tingting xu and yuxia wu*. isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite markers in cupressus chenggiana s.y.hu (cupressaceae). conservation genetics: 2008, 9, 1023-1026.(if=2.4)
5)yuxia wu*. differential expression of na /h antiporter genes between the salt-tolerant populus euphratica and salt-sensitive p. hopeiensis. sciences in cold and arid regions (online).
( *corresponding author).

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