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  • department: department of ecology and environment science
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2020.02-2020.04 university of tasmania, australian, visitor

2019.04-2020.01 california state university, los angeles, usa, visitor

2012.05- lanzhou university, professor

2011.01-2012.01 duke university, usa, visitor

2009.05-2012.05 lanzhou university, associate professor

2008.04-2009.04 university of western australia,posdoctor

2006.12-2009.05 lanzhou university, lecturer



academic appointments

doctor of philosophy (plant eco-physiology, conferred 2006) lanzhou university lanzhou, gansu province the people’s republic of china.

masters of science (forest ecology, conferred 2003) gansu agricultural university lanzhou, gansu province the people’s republic of china.

bachelor of sciences (forest ecology, conferred 2000) gansu agricultural university lanzhou, gansu province the people’s republic of china.

administrative appointments
honors & awards

distinguished professor– feitian project (2016)

outstanding youth foundation–national natural science foundation(2014) 

winner new century excellent talents supporting plan–chinese education ministry (2011)

the best report – awarded by 2nd international workshop on ecosystem assessment and management (eam), lanzhou, china (2010)

endeavour research scholarship – awarded by australian government department of education, science & training, australia (2008-2009)


2020-2023 nsfc: stomaytal closing mechanisms, behavior and early defense against pathogenic bacteria invasion in vascular plants from different evolutionary lineages  (chief investigat)

    2017-2020 nsfc: stomatal regulation, behavior and water use strategies of angiosperm species to adapt to precipitation allocation patters of the inner mongolian autonomous region and  north xinjiang province (chief investigator)

    2015-2017 nsfc: plant water relations  (chief investigator)

    2014-2017 nsfc: differentiation and the trade-off between hydraulic efficiency and safety in geographic substitute species of genus caragana  (chief investigator)

    2010-2013 nsfc: root signal differentiation in geographical substitute species of genus caragana (chief investigator)

    2008-2011 nsfc: responses of caragana korshinskii kom. to aboveground tissue removal: eco-physiological mechanisms underlying the compensation (chief investigator).



publications (* corresponding author):

yang yj, bi mh, nie zf, jiang h, liu xd, fang xw*, brodribb tj. 2021. evolution of stomatal closure to optimize water use efficiency in response to dehydration in ferns and seed plants. new phytologist 230: 2001–2010.

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