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  • title: professor
  • department: department of ecology and environmental science
  • address: yifu biological building, 906a
  • tel:
  • fax: 0931-8912922
  • email: [email protected]
  • homepage:

postdoctor, schoole of life sciences,wuhan university,2006.12-2008.12 

visiting scholar, department of plant biology,michigan state university, u.s.,2011.9-2012.9 

lecturer,associate professor, schoole of life sciences,lanzhou university,2008.12-2015.5

professor, schoole of life sciences,lanzhou university,2015.5-present 

academic appointments
administrative appointments
honors & awards

1.national key research and development program of china: comprehensive rehabilitation of degraded alpine ecosystems in northwest sichuan and gannan(2017yf050400,2017-2020)

2.national natural science foundation of china: the construction pattern and mechanism of plant-pollinator interaction networks in restoring alpine meadow(31870411,2019.01-2022.12)

3.national natural science foundation of china: effects of urbanization and overgrazing on plant-pollinator networks of alpine meadow at qinghai-tibet plateau(31570229,2016-2019)


gao el, wang yx, bi c, kaiser-bunbury cn, zhao z.g.* .2021. restoration of degraded alpine meadows improves pollination network robustness and function in the tibetan plateau. frontiers in ecology and evolution, 9:632961.

zhao z.g.*, hou m, wang y.j, du g.z. 2020. phenological variation of flower longevity and duration of sex phases in a protandrous alpine plant: potential causes and fitness significance. bmc plant biology, 20:137.

hou m, du g.z. & zhao z.g.*. 2019.development of genomic microsatellite markers for aconitum gymnandrum (ranunculaceae) by next generation sequencing (ngs). molecular biology reports, 47:727–729.

zhang p. f., kowalchuk, g. a., soons, m. b., hefting, m. m.,… zhao z.g., du g.z. hautier, y. 2019. srud: a simple non-destructive method for accurate quantification of plant diversity dynamics. journal of ecology, 107:2155-2166.

zhao z.g.*,lu, n-n,conner, jk. 2016. adaptive pattern of nectar volume within inflorescences: bumblebee foraging behavior and pollinator-mediated natural selection. scientific reports, 6:34499.

zhao z.g.*, wang y-k. 2015. selection by pollinators on floral traits in generalized trollius ranunculoides (ranunculaceae) along altitudinal gradients. plos one 10(2): e0118299.

zhao z.g.*, zuo-jun liu, jk. conner. 2015. plasticity of floral sex allocation within inflorescences of hermaphrodite aconitum gymnandrum. journal of plant ecology, 8 (2): 130-135.

lu n-n, li x-h, li l, zhao z.g.*. 2015. variation of nectar production in relation to plant characteristics in protandrous aconitum gymnandrum. journal of plant ecology, 8 (2): 122-129.

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