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  • title: associate professor
  • department: microbiology
  • address: 208 tianyan building
  • tel: 0931-8912560
  • fax: 0931-8912561
  • email: [email protected]
  • homepage:

1994-1997: lanzhou institute of biological products, engaged in vaccine development and production
2000—: school of life sciences, lanzhou universityengaged in teaching and research.
 2007-2008post-doctordepartment of immunologyclevleand clinic, usa

academic appointments

1990-1994: bachelor of pharmacy, lanzhou medical college

1997-2000: lanzhou institute of biological products, master of microbiology and immunology

2004-2007: school of life sciences, lanzhou university, ph.d. biochemistry and molecular biology

administrative appointments
  • gansu province new drug review expert,

  • council member gansu provincial immunology society,

  • council member of gansu provincial bioengineering society

  • deputy secretary general of gansu provincial pharmaceutical association

  • deputy director of gansu provincial key laboratory of functional genomics and molecular diagnostics.


honors & awards

2014: second prize of gansu provincial science and technology progress award: gansu province pharmaceutical development first prize


preparation method and application of volatile oil of phyllanthus chinensis (zl201310377188.7)

a tibetan medicine tanggut green orchid extract and application thereof in preparing antiviral drugs (cn 101084991 b)

  1. jiangsu science and technologymajor project (no. ba2016036)

  2. lanzhou science and technology funds (no. 2015-3-81)

  3. gansu science and technology major project (no. 17zd2fa009)

  4. gansu science and technology support program (090nkca131)

  5. “chunhui project” of the ministry of education (z2008-1-62005)

  6. doctoral fund of the ministry of education of the ministry of education (20100211120002)

  7. research funding for central colleges and universities (lzujbky-2010-61)

  8. lanzhou science and technology plan project (2010-1-216)

  9. research project of gansu provincial administration of traditional chinese medicine (gzk-2010-35)

  10. tibet qizheng tibetan medicine technology development project (contract no.: 2009620111000594)

  1. yaping jing, zhirong liu, anping li, pingrong yang, junshu wei, tang zhao, yanrui bai, lajia zha and chunjiang zhang. absorption of codonopsis pilosula saponins by coexisting polysaccharides alleviates gut microbial dysbiosis with dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in model mice. biomed research international, 2018, 2018:1-18
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