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2017.5 - present      proferssor, school of life science, lanzhou university, china

2011.8 - 2012.8        visiting schoolar at nih, usa

2010.5 - 2017.4        associate proferssor, school of life science, lanzhou university, china 

2007.7 - 2010.4       lecturer, school of life science, lanzhou university, china 


academic appointments

2002 - 2007   school of life sciences, lanzhou university, ph. d. (zoology) 

1998 - 2002   school of life sciences, lanzhou university, b.s.(biochemistry and molecular biology) 

administrative appointments

assistant to the dean, school of life sciences, lanzhou university, 2018-

associate director, gansu key laboratory of biomonitoring and bioremediation for environmental pollution, 2017-

secretary-general, the 10th and 11th council of gansu zoological society, 2013-


honors & awards

new century excellent talents in university, 2010



ongoing grants:

the second tibetan plateau scientific expedition and research program (step) (grant no. 2021qzkk0204, 2021-2024)


completed grants:

the national natural science foundation of china (31670517,2017-2020)

the natural science foundation of gansu province (1606rjza080,2016-2018) 

the program for new century excellent talents in university (ncet-10-0464, 2011-2013)

the natural science foundation of gansu province (1107rjza262,2011-2013) 

the youth program of national natural science foundation of china (20907019,2010-2012)

the specialized research fund for the doctoral program of higher education (20110211110032,2010-2012)

the science & technology program of gansu province (090nkca078,2009-2011)


publications (* corresponding author) for more publications, please visit .  

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