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  • title: professor
  • department: school of life sciences
  • address: room 447,biological building
  • tel: 0931-8915607
  • fax: 0931-8915607
  • email: [email protected]
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2007-2009    postdoctoral training, new york university, usa

2001-2007    ph. d., the university of british columbia, canada   

1995-1998    m.s., department of biology, lanzhou university, china

1991-1995    b.s., department of biology, lanzhou university, china



academic appointments

2009-present   school of life sciences, lanzhou university

1998-2000       department of biology, nanjing university


administrative appointments

professor, director
department of zoology and biomedical sciences
school of life sciences
lanzhou university

honors & awards
supported by grants from the national natural science foundation of china





          for most recent publications, please visit my orcid profile: 

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