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  • title: 教授、博士生导师
  • department: 微生物研究所
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  • email: [email protected]
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honors & awards
1.   li-juan quan, bo zhang, wei-wei shi and hong-yu li. 2008, hydrogen peroxide in plants: a versatile molecule of the reactive oxygen species networkjournal of integrative plant biology. 50(1): 2-18
2.   chunjiang zhang, hongyu li, tian yun, yonghong fu, chunmei liu, bu gong, benjia neng. 2008, chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil of tibetan herbal medicine dracocephalum heterophyllum benth. natural product research. 22(1):1-11
3.   li x, feng hq, pang xy, li hy.2008, mesosome formation is accompanied by hydrogen peroxide accumulation in bacteria during the rifampicin effect. mol cell biochem. 311:241-7..
4.   xiaojuan yang, xiaoxue zhang, yanli fan, hongyu li. 2008the leaching of pentlandite by acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans with a biologicalchemical process. biochemical engineering journal 42:166171
5.   dejuan zhi, hongyu li*, 2008, wenbin nan. nematode communities in the artificially vegetated belt with or without irrigation in the tengger desert, china. european journal of soil biology 44:238246
6.   ni yq, he ky, bao jt, yang y, wan ds, li hy. 2008,  genomic and phenotypic heterogeneity of acidithiobacillus spp. strains isolated from diverse habitats in china.. fems microbiol ecol. 64(2):248-59.
7.   feng han-qing, li hong-yu*, liang hou-guo, duan jian-gong, li xin. 2008. chilling tolerance of wheat seedlings is related to an enhanced alternative respiratory pathway. crop science. 48:2381-2388
8.   feng han-qing, duan jiangong, li hongyu*, liang houguo, li xin and han na. 2008. alternative respiratory pathway under drought is medicated by hydrogen peroxide and contributes to antioxidant protection. plant prod. sci. 11: 59-66


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