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  • title: professor, doctoral supervisor
  • department: institute of cell biology
  • address: room 304, tianyan building, lanzhou university
  • tel: 0931-8914155
  • fax: 0931-8914155
  • email: [email protected]
  • homepage:

1982.01- : successively served as teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor and professor in the school of life sciences, lanzhou university, mainly engaged in teachings and research in plant cell and molecular biology.

2001.06-2001.08: senior visiting scholar, department of cell and molecular biology, gothenburg university

1999.10-2000.12: senior visiting scholar, department of cell and molecular biology, gothenburg university


academic appointments

1996.10-1997.12: visiting scholar, department of cell and molecular biology, gothenburg university;

1978.09-1981.12: m.s., department of biology, lanzhou university

1975.09-1978.07: b.s., department of biology, lanzhou university

administrative appointments

the editorial board member of acta botanica boreali-occidentalia sinica

honors & awards

in 2017, “outstanding teacher award” of cuiying honors college, lanzhou university

in 2013, “women model award” of lanzhou university

in 2012, “long-ji outstanding teacher award” of lanzhou university

in 2009, “excellent tutor award of zhi-de innovation fund” of lanzhou university

in 2005, main-coursed "cell biology" was awarded as the excellent course in gansu province

in 2004, “teacher's moral pacesetter award” of lanzhou university

in 2003 and 2004, "award for excellence in education, management and service" of school of life science, lanzhou university


1. the molecular mechanism of athspr regulating cell expansion in arabidopsis, nsfc, no.31770199, 2018.1- 2021.12.

2. the mechanism of hydrogen sulfide, a novel gasotransmitter, in improving hypoxia resistance ability in plants, nfsc, no.31670254, 2017.1- 2020.12.


publications (* corresponding author)

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