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  • title: professor
  • department:
  • address: 908 yifu biology building
  • tel: 869318912922
  • fax: 869318912922
  • email: [email protected]
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2012-present professor, school of life sciences, lanzhou university, lanzhou


2005-2011 associate professor, school of life sciences, lanzhou university, lanzhou


2003-2005 postdoctoral scholar, department of ecology, nanjing university, nanjing

academic appointments

2003 phd in ecology, lanzhou university

2000 msc r in biology education, guangxi normal university

1996 bsc in education, henan education college

administrative appointments
honors & awards
national natural science foundation of china, national key r&d program of china, natural science foundation of gansu province, the fundamental research funds for the central universities

1. liang df, lamb eg, zhang st* (2019) yak dung deposition affects litter mixing effects on mass loss in a tibetan alpine grassland. rangeland ecology & management (in press).

2. liang df, niu kc, zhang st* (2018) interacting effects of yak dung deposition and litter quality on litter mass loss and nitrogen dynamics in tibetan alpine grassland. grass and forage science, 73: 123-131.

3.yuan jl, liang df, zhang st* (2016) litter and its interaction with standing vegetation affect seedling recruitment in tibetan alpine grasslands. plant ecology & diversity, 9: 89-95.

4. liang df, zhang jj, zhang st* (2015) patterns of nitrogen resorption in functional groups in a tibetan alpine meadow. folia geobotanica, 50: 267-274.

5. zhou xh, li cl, zhang st* (2014) effects of ambient ultraviolet-b on ecophysiological characteristics and forage quality of elymus nutans in the tibetan alpine grasslands. grassland science, 60: 98-103.

6. zhang st, lamb eg (2012) plant competitive ability and the transitivity of competitive hierarchies change with plant age. plant ecology,213: 15-23.

7. zhang st, zhao c, lamb eg (2011) cotyledon damage affects seed number through final plant size but not seed mass in the annual grassland species medicago lupulina. annals of botany, 107: 437-422.

8. zhang st, liu jp, bao xh, niu kc (2011) seed-to-seed potential allelopathic effects between ligularia virgaurea and native grass species of tibetan alpine grasslands. ecological research, 26: 47-52.

9. niu kc*, zhang st*, zhao bb, du gz (2010) linking grazing response of species abundance to functional traits in the tibetan alpine meadow. plant and soil, 330: 215-223.

10. zhang st, chen jk, du gz (2004) correlates of seed size in a subalpine meadow on the east part of the tibet plateau. ecoscience, 11: 6-15.

11. zhang st, chen jk, du gz (2004) seed size of a subalpine meadow in relation to phylogeny, growth form, and longevity on the east of tibet plateau. folia geobotanica, 39: 129-142.

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